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Providing state-of-the-art health care since 1989

We have been providing state-of-the-art health care since 1989. All Pediatric Care is a team of experts, including physicians and clinicians who can provide you with the highest of quality of care. You’ll find that all our physicians are Board Certified Pediatricians. All Pediatric Care promotes quality health care for all children, while working cooperativelywith other health care specialist to provide excellent health care. All children have a right to grow up and lead healthy, safe, productive lives. Many children with chronic conditions, disabilities, or serious illnesses receive care right here! Sick patients are seen the same day, by appointments only. We require an immunization record and prior medical records for all Well Visits. Physicians make sure your family is kept up-to-date with vaccine, educational research, and the latest technology and research available. We are on staff at Spring Hill Regional Hospital, Brooksville Regional Hospital, Oak Hill Hospital and All Children’s Hospital. We continually strive to provide you with excellent pediatric care, while both in and out of the typical office setting.

Mission / Vision Statement

All Pediatric Care is always evolving and changing our practice, to provide the most advanced and the most patient centered medicine available!

We are humbled and honored to provide care for tomorrows’ future.

Our passion is to help children overcome any obstacles of illness, and to improve their lives making them ready to soar…We are advocates for children and families, helping them access the full range of service and support needed to provide the most outstanding medical care. 

The magic lives in the day-to-day dedication of our physicians and staff. Your child’s potential shapes all of our policies & practices, to pursue a bold new vision of a healthier & happier futures from babies to teens and all in-between.


Dear Parents,

The journey of raising children may be overwhelming at times.  The road ahead will have its bumps and turns but we will be here every step of the way.  As parents, we all desire the best for our children: the best family situation, the best education, and here at All Pediatric Care, you will find our commitment, our passion, and our utmost dedication to provide you with the best and most compassionate medical care. 

Our staff pledge to provide your child with the best possible care throughout their young lives,”from babies to teens and all in-betweens.”  All of our board certified pediatricians will be available to you and your child 24 hours a day!

On behalf of myself and my staff I would like to thank you for considering us to become a part of your families healthcare.  We look forward to providing the best and most compassionate care needed to keep your child healthy throughout their young lives.…

Sincerely, Imad Jandali M.D., F.A.A.P

Our Medical Home Follows Evidence Based Guidelines

  • Reduce and Eliminate hospital admissions and ER visits
  • Reduce and Eliminate missed school or work
  • Improve and Maintain child development
  • Educate children and families
  • Have comprehensive information about patient’s healthcare activity such as: family history, behavioral history, social and cultural needs, preferences, strengths and limitations

Home Model Of Pediatrics

Our Medical Home Model Of Pediatrics Encompasses Five Main Pillars

Comprehensive Care wholly accountable for patient’s physical and mental health care needs through a team-based approach to care. Including prevention and wellness, acute care and chronic care

Patient-Centered Care molded to the patient and their wants, needs, culture, preferences, and values. Providing the education and support to participate in their own care.

Coordinated Care of the patients across all elements of the health care system, such as specialty care, hospitals, home health care, and community services, with an emphasis on efficient care transitions.

Accessible Services allow patients to access services with shorter wait times, enhanced office hours, and 24/7 telephone access to a physician.

Quality & Safety through the use of health IT and other tools to ensure that patients and families make informed decisions about their health.



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